TPMS Repair, Replacement and Coding.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are becoming an industry standard, they now come fitted from factory on the majority of new cars. We can provide diagnostics and TPMS repairs / replacements for most manufacturer fitted systems. For full information on TPMS sensors and how they work, seeĀ Wikipedia.

TPMS Repair

TMPS sensors are mounted on the inside of the tyre, generally attached to the valve. The valves used vary in style depending on how the TPMS sensor is attached, the valve and TPMS sensor may come as one complete unit. If the valve can be removed we can we can replace the valve stem at low cost. Systems where the TPMS and valve are one unit would need a complete replacement, the TPMS sensors are usually not repairable.

TPMS Replacement

We stock several types of aftermarket TPMS sensors. We can code the sensors to your vehicle using our specialised TPMS tool. We will likely be cheaper than the manufacturer!

TPMS Coding

Some motorists like to change their wheels for winter, or even just for aesthetics. We can supply, code and fit a set of TPMS sensors to your secondary set of wheels. This avoids having to swap sensors over each time you change your wheels. We would clone the sensor ID from your current sensors to the new ones, meaning the car will instantly recognise the new TMPS.

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